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Limited Warranty & Liability Disclaimer: 2 year on workmanship. Warranty not valid if hubs, components or bearings have been removed or tampered with.

BST wheels are hand crafted in an ISO certified facility. BST’s wheels are extensively tested and there is no doubt as to their structural integrity. We take pride in producing wheels that are as aesthetically perfect as possible. Occasionally a wheel may exhibit slight irregularities, e.g.: slight weave distortion, light or dark marks from resin flow & natural porosity resulting in small ‘fish eyes’.

BST does unconditionally warrant that its parts be free from any structural defects when new. BST does not make any warranties expressed or implied including without limitation, warrant to fitness, or merchantability of any of our products for particular use or purpose including extreme stress applications to which the products may be subjected to. BST disclaims any and all liability for consequential or incidental damages.

These irregularities are acceptable by the motor industry and BST and do not affect the structural integrity or performance in any way whatsoever. Should your wheel exhibit such irregularities, please consider it the signature of uniqueness – a product crafted by hand for your enjoyment.

Each wheel has a unique Part Number and Serial Number which are used for full traceability. Please quote these numbers on any enquiries to BST. Sending photos of the SN stickers and wheels are needed if a warranty claim is made.

Warning motorcycle riding can be hazardous: Blackstone TEK cannot be held responsible in any way for damages caused to this wheel or consequences following from damage to or abuse of or improper use of the BST wheel. If the wheel has been damaged it must be returned to Blackstone TEK for evaluation. It is not advisable to ride any motorcycle under salt spray conditions as this can accelerate the deterioration of the metal parts and can damage the BST wheels.

Returns: All merchandise returned to BST must have prior approval. Please contact BST for return instructions. Returns must be made freight prepaid. All returns must be accompanied by a copy of the original invoice, as well as a complete explanation of the reason for return. A 15% restocking charge may be applied to all returned merchandise. NO returns will be accepted after 30 days from invoice date. All returned merchandise must be suitable for resale and NOT USED. Refunds are processed within 5-10 business days after we receive the items back in our warehouse.

Damaged Merchandise: BST ships all merchandise carefully packaged and in good condition. All claims for damaged merchandise must be made with the carrier. All packaging materials must be presented to the carrier with a claim. DO NOT RETURN damaged merchandise to BST without prior approval.

Pricing Disclaimer: All prices on this web site are subject to change without notice. We make every effort to provide you the most accurate, up-to-date information. Occasionally an item on our web site may be mis-priced. In the event a product is listed at an incorrect price due to typographical, photographic, or technical error or error in pricing information received from our suppliers, BST shall have the right to refuse or cancel any orders placed for product listed at an incorrect price.

Fitting of tyres: 
Tyres must only be fitted with an OEM approved mechanical tyre-fitting machine. Only an OEM approved and certified tyre changing machine operator may change the tyres on BST wheels. Never use a tyre lever or similar instrument that could make direct contact with the carbon fiber, as these will damage the wheel. Only the correct size tyres as prescribed by the OEM motorcycle manufacturer or if BST advised otherwise should be fitted to your BST wheels.

Replacing the valve if needed:

The valve is fitted at the BST factory. If you need to replace the valve you can only replace it with an original approved BST Blackstone TEK valve (available from your retail outlet through our Distributors). 

Use of tyre warmers on BST Wheels:
Make sure that the tyre warmers temperature is operating to the correct tyre warmer manufacturers temperature. Do not exceed OEM tyre manufactures temperature guide lines at any time.

Operating parameters, ensure that the following conditions are not exceeded:
Maximum weight of the motorcycle: as per the static load rating on your BST wheel stipulated on the BST website for your motorcycle. Maximum operating temperature: 100ºC / 210ºF

Hubs: Do not attempt to remove the hub and/or replace any components. The BST hubs are always factory fitted. The warranty expires immediately if any of the hub components has been removed, damaged or tampered with.

Sprocket: Fitting of sprocket carrier for wheels with sprocket carriers ensure that the drive pins and nuts are torqued to 40 Nm or as prescribed by the OEM motorcycle manufacturer. Sprocket sizes are

Bearings: In the case of replacing wheel bearings. The replacement or removal should only be performed by an approved OEM certified professional. Please do not attempt to replace the bearings yourself. Removing the bearings with the wrong procedure will damage the wheel beyond usage and nullifies the warranty.

Cleaning: The BST wheels can easily be cleaned with warm water and mild soaps. Do not use heavy duty cleaning detergents, petrol, thinners, acetone or similar to clean your wheel.

General Information:

Contact BST Blackstone TEK at

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The only PRE-PREG AEROSPACE – F1 technology wheel.
BST is proven to be stronger and lighter than any other manufacturer.

Because we can engineer with carbon fibre and maximise on its properties of high strength and low weight, we have reduced the weight in the spokes and rim without compromising strength. The weight is therefore concentrated in the hub, which means that rotational inertia is reduced, making the bike easier to handle, and allowing you to accelerate quicker and brake later. So not only is the wheel lighter, but it is engineered for maximum performance.

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